Dalcan Machines can supply you with a variety of machines and equipment for the recovery of almost any type of internal combustion engine.

We work very closely with some of the best World's manufacturers of machinery and equipment, and we can supply you with any equipment for rebuilding of any engines - from 1-cylinder 2-stroke gasoline internal combustion engines to largest 16-cylinder diesel engines.

If you need a single press for the valve spring or a complete repair shop for large diesel engines turnkey, please, contact us, we can help - and we will do it!

Our main lines of machines are the following:


Оборудование Dalcan   DALCAN Machines-Denmark

We have been promoting quality European-made equipment under our own brand since 2012, and since 2014 - our own complete line of DALCAN Machines-Denmark engine repair machines, and we offer very high-quality, affordable for most customers, machines for crankshafts grinding, cylinder block boring and honing, surface milling and grinding, line boring, cylinder head seats machining, as well as sandblasting cabinets and ultra-sonic cleaning tanks.


The Italian company ROBBI S.p.A. - our business partner, one of the famous European manufacturers of machines and equipment for engine rebuilding, as well as very precise industrial equipment for honing and cylindrical grinding. ROBBI machines enjoy great and well-deserved popularity with engine repair specialists around the World.

Оборудование SERDI Srl   SERDI Srl

The company SERDI Srl was established in 1988 in Italy as the manufacture of the machines and spare parts for them for working in the Italian market. Since 2004, Serdi Srl has started production in Italy of its own line of EVO machines for cylinder head valve seats machining.

Оборудование SERDI Srl   Delapena

Delapena Delapena Honing Equipment is one of the leaders in manufacturing of honing equipment,tools and abrasives stones for almost any honing application.

Оборудование SERDI Srl   Trego Maskin

Trego Maskin AB manufactures tools and equipment designed to make disassembly and assembly of cylinder heads faster and more efficient. Trego Maskin AB are especially well known for their valve spring press Model VFP 500.


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