Dalcan Machines can supply you with a variety of production machines and equipment.

We work very closely with some of the World's best manufacturers of machinery and equipment, and can supply you with any equipment for processing any part. Just get in touch with us, we can help - and we will do it!

Our offers are as follows

Оборудование Dalcan   DALCAN Machines-Denmark

Our company since 2012 has been promoting high-quality equipment of European production under its own brand, and since 2014 - its own complete line of industrial equipment DALCAN Machines Denmark, including very high-quality and affordable for most customers, low-cost machines for industrial applications.


The Italian company ROBBI S.p.A. - one of the famous manufacturers of machinery and equipment for the industry. These are cylindrical grinding, vertical and horizontal honing machines, which provide exceptionally high processing accuracy, convenience and durability in operation due to more than 80 years of experience of the company in the production of various types of machines.

Оборудование Dalcan   Delapena

Delapena Honing Equipment is one of the leaders in manufacturing of honing equipment, tools and abrasives stones for almost any industrial honing application.


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